You ever been in a rush to get to work, yet it seems as though you are hitting every. Single. Red. Light. I get it, I’ve been directly in those shoes and have been just as frustrated as you!  

“Sorry I’m late, traffic was crazy, and I hit all the red lights, gaaahhhh.”  

Without making a remark like, “Welp, leave the house earlier!” Which comes at an obvious, but also, I have a good “trick” for you to use.  

Go the speed limit! Let’s say it’s a normal commute day to work or wherever, and you have stopped at your first red light of the day, pretend it’s Chelan Ave. Or even Mission St here in Wenatchee. What you do next is simple yet, you have to trust the process.  

Light turns green, you accelerate, make sure to pick up speed at a medium rate, not too fast or too slow, but keeping in mind the speed limit, which on Chelan or Mission roads here in Wenatchee, speed is set to 30mph. So, drive 30mph not over, to the next stop light.  

You’ll notice on your way to the next stop light; you are coming up on another red light. If you stay the speed limit, and don’t go over, that light will turn green before you have to apply your brakes.  

Now, with this knowledge and trusting of the process, please stay aware of traffic trying to “beat the red light” from the side roads. Buckle up and enjoy your “new to you” stoplight hack. 


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