It's a new age of Christmas, everyone has an Ipad, or Laptop on their Christmas list, but you don't wanna break the bank. So we wanna help you out with some Tech gifts you can put under the tree this year. Some will be expensive but the others are sure to not break the bank this year.

Whether you're buying for your significant other, kids, or grandkids, there's something on this list that will make that person year. So let's dive into some of the greatest tech gifts you can buy this year for Christmas!

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5.) Meta Quest 2

Give the gift of the Metaverse! With this Virtual Reality Headset you're sure to make someones Christmas. Not only can they step into the world of Virtual Reality with these goggles, they can interact with others, play games, watch movies and tv shows like they're in a movie theater, and so much more. The possiblities seem to be endless with todays tech and these goggles are a huge leap into the future.

4.) Mini DashCam for your car

Everyone has that driver, they worry about, whether they're a teenager on the road for the first time, someones parents or just someone you love. Keep them safe with this Mini Dashcam that records video while you're on the road. This is incase anything happens they have proof to show their insurance or just catch something crazy that could make them a viral sensation.

3.) XBox series X and Playstation 5 

These gaming devices came out in 2020 but people everywhere have been having huge issues getting their hands on either of them. Thankfully those bots and scalpers that were buying up all the consoles for the last two years have struck the bottom of the well and there's no money to be made for them. So now you can get the gift of gaming for any gamer in your life, but act fast because they may be gone after Christmas!

2.) Airpods 2.0

The latest tech in headphones is here and it's brought to you by Apple. The Airpods 2.0 is a huge upgrade from the last genration. With noisecanceling techonology and bass that'll shake your skull. (We don't suggest the skull shaking.) You can custimze your airpods so every touch is fitting to how you want them to work. They pair easily with any Apple device and are so simple to use a toddler could figure them out.

1.) FujiFilm Polaroid Camera

That's right, polaroids are back in style, everyone loves snapping pictures with their smartphone so they can share them with the world on social media, but what if you have a moment you just wana keep for yourself? Well these new age digital cameras also come with a polaroid printer just like in the old days. (By old days we mean the 90's.) Snap your pic and print it instantly, no shaking nessecary.




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