If you have ever frequented a local watering hole like say, Joes Log Cabin (in East Wenatchee or even Wenatchee) or even when Trav’s Bar was open... The bathrooms are inevitably visited. Right? I mean, you get a few cocktails in and then WHAM you gotta break the seal. “Breaking the seal,” yes, it’s a thing and once it’s broke, you will be using the bathroom more often.  

Why do I bring this up?! Cause, lemme tell you what, the “girls' bathroom” is lit! Here is the type of women you will meet in the “Girls Room.” 

“I just wanna get outta here”- She nice and kind, but she doesn’t care who’s in the bathroom, she needs to use it and get back to things. 

“Oh Girl, where you been?!”- This one is usually loud and another girl is usually following behind to help said friend, and they both run into another gal they know and choose to use up space to catch up with said known friend. 

“You Are Worth So Much More Girl!” - This one is also called “The Mom” cause if they see another gal who is crying, “Mom” is gunna pump you up, wipe your tears and tell you to put lipstick on cause “Girl, we are better than this!” 

The “OMG I JUST MET MY NEW BESTIE!” - You could have bonded over the toilet paper ply and be prepared for a selfie “So I don’t forget us!”  

“Let’s do brunch tomorrow!” - You have done it, so have I... You make plans that will never follow through because you were an entirely different person when those plans were made.  

“So, like, did you see Stacy’s outfit?!” - It’s the girl's room! Of course, gossip will happen.  

The “I’m gunna be sick”- This is where “mom” comes in to save the day and hold hair out of the way.  

No matter who you are in the gals' room, there is such a bond that is made between the us and all of our urge to “break the seal.” We laugh, we cry, we lift each other up, literally and physically... But most of all we “always remember that one time in the bathroom at Joe’s?!” Cheers to more memory's ladies.  

P.s. If I have ever told you "We're besties now!" in the bathroom, I was serious, and "I missed you girl! where you been?!"

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