The Washington Apple Commission has hired Eric Clark as its new controller.

The commission announced the move in a press release on Wednesday.

Clark says the position involves a variety of responsibilities.

"I'll be responsible for the financial reporting and accounting, as well as contract signing on behalf of the commission and some treasurer responsibilities as well. It's a lot of fiduciary responsibility. We're not a really large organization personnel wise, so I'll be wearing a few different hats."

Clark says he already feels right at home in the job since he worked closely with the commission at his previous employer.

"I come in from the state auditor's office where my role was to audit state and local governments in Washington. So I had been an auditor of the commission quite a few times over the years, so I'm already familiar with it at a higher level of operations."

Clark is taking over for Robin Mooney, who is retiring today (July 7) after spending the last 23 years in the position.

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