The Wenatchee School District is observing National Volunteer Week with Public School Volunteer Appreciation week.

It's a weeklong celebration honoring the contributions of volunteers in public schools.

"It's an opportunity for schools to showcase the positive impact that volunteers have on student learning and achievement," District spokesperson Diana Haglund said. "And it's a great opportunity for us to recognize and really celebrate that invaluable contribution that they provide to public education in our schools."

Since the pandemic, Hagland says the district has seen an increase in volunteer efforts. It comes at a good time as the district gears up for one of the largest field experiences for 5th graders.

"They all take a hike up to Saddle Rock. We really need volunteers to help with that event." District Spokesperson Diana Haglund said. " And we have volunteers from lots of different agencies that are out sharing information with students, and then parents who are helping with chaperoning and making sure students are on track and enjoying that field experience."

Other areas where volunteers come up big are the booster club programs.

"Band boosters and our athletic boosters are a couple of really large groups of volunteers that provide support. At the mid-level, our PTOs and PTAs. And there are lots of other students and parent opportunities to provide volunteer support." Haglund said.

If you would like to become a volunteer, visit the Wenatchee School District's webpage. In the right pane, there's a link that says Become a Volunteer. You will be prompted to fill out a volunteer application.

National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April.

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