I recently went to Seattle "The Wet Side" of Washington State, and I THOUGHT I was prepared.

But unfortunately, I wasn't as equipped as I thought I should be.


"Seattle experiences around 150 days with at least 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) precipitation each year." - Source

In other words, I should have been overly prepared, but I underestimated the elements.

I didn't have an extra pair of dry socks, and my feet were soaked because I didn't have waterproof shoes on, they were just this mesh sort of covering for the foot. Not a good idea to wear those on a day where the rain doesn't let up.

So, how can you be prepared and learn from my mistakes?

We have you covered, below

Prepare for Rainy Days

Don't be stuck in the rain without any of these items, your welcome.

Gallery Credit: Aly

Yes, all those on the list are essential.

You do not want to be stuck in a town where there's rain and you still have to be outside doing things. Maybe you are running to the store, planned a trip to the zoo, whatever the reason may be, thank me later for having you gather all those essentials.

There's nothing worse than being Wet AND Cold.

Layer up, bring dry stuff to swap into, bring that umbrella, and STAY DRY!

Easier said than done sometimes, but at least I can say I prepared you for the inevitable.

BTW, buy a good poncho, not one that will rip when you get it out of the packaging, that's not going to do any good, only give you a headache to have to go buy a new one... Speaking from experience hehe.


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