All last week (1/17-1/21) Cashmere High School cheerleaders held a super fun after school day camp for little ones to attend and learn how to Cheer! about 100 kids joined the cheerleaders and learned not only how to work together, but they actually learned 3 new cheers, a dance routine and a stunt to perform after the dance.  

All the participants who came, including my little girl (Jenna, 5yrs old) attended these after school classes and went straight to work! These little ones learned all 3 cheer chants in about an hour! That’s it! I was so impressed, and if you are a momma or daddio reading this and your child participated, good on you! Those kids have been taught by the best their whole life, and when with the cheerleaders, they really put their mind to what was in front of them and got things learned pretty fast!  

The following days were learning the dance routine to perform as well. Now, dancing 8-counts can be more difficult to learn right away, the kids dedicated themselves and did what they could to learn, practice and eventually perform.  

Stunting, let me tell you what, stunting in Cheerleading is probably one of my favorite things to see in a routine. The Trust with the Bases (holding stunter up) that the Flyer (one being held up by bases) is critical. But when practice and proper spotters for the stunt to go up, all is very safe. I guess I just didn’t realize how cute it is when little kids put together a stunt. Takes practice, trust and strength!  

Performance day... Nerves are expected, laughs were had, but it’s show time baby! Those kiddos worked so hard doing the best they could to remember cheers, remember a dance routine, then stunt with other kids. All to be done during halftime of the Cashmere High School Boys, basketball game. How’d did it go though?! I honestly wish you could have seen the faces on these kids and how awesome they felt with confidence boosting through the roof! The performance was a performance that parents, especially the kids will never forget! Awesome job to all who helped. Plus shout out Coach Leisa, that girl, lemme tell you what, she was “on-it” and she made sure all went well, guess what sister!? You did even better than “well.”  


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