COUNTRY TOP 30 on KISSIN' 977 -February 11, 2023

Every Saturday morning from 6am-10am, wake up with Bobby Bones as he counts up the hottest songs in the country with the Country Top 30. You can also catch it again Sunday nights from 7pm-11pm on Kissin’ 977. 

Well! For a song that that hit number one while no one was paying attention, here it is again! Number one for the second week in a row! For many, this new country artist probably caught you off guard when Bobby Bones announced that Nate Smith and his song, Whiskey On You is the number one song in the country a couple weeks back. But now everyone is taking notice of Nate Smith.  

Here’s something else that may surprise you. Though his music sounds like good ol’ country, Nate Smith isn’t from Nashville to Texas, or Montana. Smith is from a tiny town in California with a population of under 2,000 up in the foothills east of the college town of Chico called, Paradise. Many know about Paradise because the horrific wild fire in 2018 that was the deadliest and most destructive wild fire in California history, and the most expensive natural disaster in the world. And yes, Nate Smith's childhood home burned down. Which inspired him to write, One of These Days. The video can be hard to watch.


Soon after, Nate Smith did make his way to Nashville with his soulful country tunes and of course with a few views on TikTok, like over 3 million views (see, TikTok ain’t all the bad), folks took noticed and he quickly signed to the Christian label, Word Records, then Arista Nashville, and soon has a new album being released on the 17th. Well, we think. That’s the latest. Nate Smith has been so busy with his rise to country fame in the past year, the release kept getting pushed back.

We’ll find out next week if Nate Smith and Whiskey On You can hold on to the number spot for a third week in a row in the US with the Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones, who will have Charles Kelly of Lady A on his show. Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones happens Saturday mornings 6 to 10, and then again Sunday nights from 7 to 11 on Kissin’ 977.

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