Ok, I'll admit, I am totally going through this in my home.

My 7-year-old really wants her ears pierced.

So bad that, when we go to stores, we will walk by the earrings and she will say,

"Oh, aren't those pretty, must be nice..." - My 7yr old manipulator



I have to figure out as a parent, when it's "ok" to say, "Okay."

When is a good time to get my little girls' ears pierced?

The most popular age at which we see children receiving their first ear piercing is 8, and the age we see the least often is 1.5-3 years old. As for adults, the age at which to get an ear piercing is entirely up to the individual. - Source


Where should one go if they want to get their ears pierced?

According to John Hopkins: "Some pediatricians’ offices will pierce ears for a small fee or you can go to a reputable jewelry store. If you do go to a store, like at the mall, make sure the person is trained and using sterile equipment. The new earrings should be gold or sterling silver." Source

Where can one go in the Wenatchee Valley?

To Ink or Not to Ink. Do it & Get the Ink in Wenatchee WA! 

I wrote the above article for tattoo places around the Wenatchee Valley, most of those places do piercings as well.

IMO, get your child's ears pierced at a tattoo parlor or piercing place. Don't do it at a mall. The piercing places/tattoo shops are super clean, super knowledgeable and consistently doing piercings for a living. You don't want to chance having a "first timer" on your child's ears.

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What's the bottom line?

If you have decided as a parent that you want to get your child's ears pierced, do it! But also do some research before you go. Be overly prepared. And be sure to listen to the care instructions that the piercer gives you afterward.

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