2024 Wenatchee Washington Apple Blossom

Thursday April 25th - Sunday, May 5th

Loving every minute of it - Theme

Apple Blossom is something the Wenatchee Valley takes great pride in as well as great measures to ensure a fun and safe time!

Do not miss out on all the action.

The 2024 Wenatchee Apple Blossom Events Calendar

From April 20th - May 11th, 2024

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From the Father/Daughter Dance on Saturday, April 20th to the Vintage Grace Market on Saturday, May 11th. There is fun jammed into every corner!

I will add something pretty cool:

I get to announce for the Stemilt Grand Parade, right in front of our KPQ Building at 231 N. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee. Such a huge honor to even be considered and then to actually be able to do so, it's a dream come true, and I am forever thankful to Darcy Christopherson for calling it a "Duh Moment," to have me on the mic. So stinkin cool! PLUS, there's going to be FREE bleacher seating in front of our KPQ Building as well :)

What is Apple Blossom?

"The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival is one of the premier Festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to produce and promote an ongoing annual community celebration that is family-oriented and showcases our people, heritage, and fruit industry. We are dedicated to producing the finest community celebration, guided by culture, diversity, respect, responsibility and fun. " - Source

 Apple Blossom is Washington State, Washington State is Apple Blossom.

Save this for later dates in finding your way around all the Apple Blossom Festival Fun!

For all the Washington State Apple Blossom information, click here.

2024 Wenatchee Washington Apple Blossom

Thursday April 25th - Sunday, May 5th

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