Judith Barrett Lawson, a name you may not know, but you will after you read this!  


Judith, lived in the Wenatchee Valley for many years growing up and decided to move to Malibu California and attend Pepperdine University. She stayed in California until the Corona Virus Pandemic hit and she decided to come back to be with her mother Sue Lawson here in the Wenatchee Valley.  

Her story is highly intriguing, as I met this one-of-a-kind woman at the 2023 Rails and Ales, I came to realize, more people needed to hear this story! 

Thank you, Miley!

You might be thinking, Miley? Miley who? Miley Cyrus. Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter, Miley Cyrus.  

Let me take you back to the horrific Malibu fires of 2018. 800 structures lost, one included Miley Cyrus’s home, another structure lost was that of Judith. Judiths home had been struck by the ferocious fire. Leaving that of charred remains and a metal outline of Judith’s truck. Gone. All was a total loss.  

Miley Cyrus, being a literal super star that she is. Just hours after her home burnt to the ground, she found a friend who worked with non-profits. “Get this money in the right hands.” Miley had donated $500,000 dollars to help in aiding relief to Malibu.  

Judith was able to receive help from various places to get her feet back on the ground, as well as applied for funding to aide with whatever else needs she could cover.

Judith received an amount from the Miley Cyrus donation pile. With said money, Judith was able to buy a car and get back to “doing life.” 

The following week after the fires had hit, Judith was asked to go to dinner with pals. A little hesitant at first, she decided to go. “I didn’t want to sit and sulk.” - Judith.  

During dinner, Judith read a poem aloud, her dinner pals suggested that Judith write a book! Judith pushing it off and saying, “I don’t know how to do that.” “Oh no, talk to this gal!” This gal was a person Judith had already been chatting it up with, owns a publishing company, Di Angelo Publications. Wow! Talk about timing! 

Here we are now in 2023, and Judith is anticipating a wide release of her book, 

“I Smile at The Sun – Verse for Children & Misidentified Grown-Ups” A collection of poems. In a Dr. Sues writing type of feel. 

Set to be for sale May 6th, on Amazon and where books are sold. 

Pre-Order the book, "I Smile at the Sun" by Judith Barrett Lawson, here.

A play has already been made based off the different children’s poems in the book you will read!  

What a Gem and a story to have in Wenatchee WA. Thank you, Judith, for taking the time to tell your story, I can only hope I did this justice. 

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