I am a huge foodie, and I’m also nosy. I love being a food judge, writing my food column, and "dishing" about all sorts of underrated hidden gem restaurants across the state of Washington. I often wonder which Washington restaurants are beloved and frequented by celebrities like Joel McHaleGuy Fieri, and Bobby Flay. This morning, I decided to be nosious (curious + nosy) and see which restaurants in Washington state have made "the cut" according to Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart has, as some would say, a world-renowned, discerning palate when it comes to restaurants. I was recently in Las Vegas and I walked past her new restaurant inside the Paris Casino and Hotel in Vegas, The Bedford.

The Bedford by Martha Stewart Vegas Interior
The Bedford by Martha Stewart via Instagram


The Bedford menu has a classy vibe and a spendy Vegas $$$ price list. That being said, I am kind of digging this upscale Martha Stewart “farmhouse charm” flair.

Fancy dining table at The Bedford Vegas
The Bedford by Martha Stewart via Instagram

I’m old enough to remember watching her popular TV show, Martha Stewart Living. (I think it used to come on before the Oprah show.) Martha’s fans loved watching her create recipes, talk about home interior knick-knacks, and read her editorial recommendations in her Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Nowadays, her fans love smoking her strains of weed, creating their own versions of  “Martha Stewart Weddings”, and checking out her new record-breaking centerfold spread in Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Martha, pallin' around with her new bestie, Snoop Dogg.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg via The Bedford by Martha Stewart
The Bedford by Martha Stewart via Instagram

One of the drinks at The Bedford is the “Martha-Rita”. I’ve heard it is “to die for.”

The Martha-Rita at The Bedford Vegas
Martha Stewart holding a glass of the "Martha-Rita"
Credit: The Bedford by Martha Stewart via Instagram

Here Are 5 of Martha Stewart's Favorite Restaurants in Seattle



2601 W Marina Pl


Palisade Restaurant in Seattle via Google Street View
Google Maps

Martha Stewart loves Washington state’s fresh salmon and she looks to Seattle chefs for recipes on serving plank-roasted salmon and plank-roasted mushrooms.



1600 Pike Pl


When Martha was on a visit to Seattle a few years back, she said that she stopped by Beecher’s, because she loves their cheese in the stores she visits in New York and Wisconsin.

@teena_thach it doesnt get feta than this! @Beecher’s Handmade Cheese #fyp #cheesepull #washingtoncheck #pikeplacemarket #foodtiktok ♬ Jazz lo-fi hip hop(981860) - DELTA2 TRACS


2576 Aurora Ave N


Inside Canlis Restaurant in Seattle
Canlis via Google Maps

‘Member that one time Martha Stewart had the owners and executive chef of Canlis on her television show? She had them give her viewers some Thanksgiving tips on baking the perfect juicy holiday turkey.

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1180 Andover Park W


This artisan chocolate company made it to the finalists for a Martha Stewart competition for the best American-Made businesses. Their flavors are so wild and delicious, like this Cayenne Veracruz Orange chocolate one below.

Cayenne Veracruz Orange Chocolate from JCoco in Seattle



223 W Galer St Suite A, Queen Anne


Trophy Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes via Instagram

Trophy Cupcakes Co-Owner and cupcake baker extraordinaire, Jennifer Shea, has cupcakes so tasty that in 2019, Martha Stewart asked her to come on her TV show and talk about them during “Cupcake Week.”

Jennifer Shea and Martha Stewart
Trophy Cupcakes Instagram


Hopefully, you’ll get to visit one of Martha Stewart’s 5 favorite restaurants to eat in Seattle. Let me know which place is your favorite from this list!

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