This might be hard for many to believe, but there was a time when artists and bands were afraid to have the name of God in the title of their song. Considering some of the titles and lyrics of today’s music. There’s the story about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys who was scared that radio stations would ban God Only Knows from the airwaves. Of course today, it’s a not just a Beach Boys classic, it’s one of the great songs of all time, and played in TV shows and movies, famously in Love, Actually.

This week, Russell Dickerson’s follow up to She Likes It from his self-titled album is God Gave Me a Girl. Now, normally I would talk about the lyrics…and they are good! Telling a story of his younger, wilder days, causing his momma to pray hard, and his buddies giving him a hard time because he's ready to settle down.

God gave me a girl
Girl gave me a kiss
Kiss gave me a feelin' that I still get
Every time I look in her eyes.

But for me, it’s about this melody that highlights the lyrics. The music brings up the emotions perfectly going in to the climax of the chorus.

Well, you be the judge here on the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week from Russell Dickerson, God Gave Me a Girl. AND! Can we see a number one song for Russell Dickerson? 

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