You don't know me, or maybe you do, if so, HELLO! Anyway. I have compiled the reasons why I think the Wenatchee Valley is THE BEST. Yes, I said it and I'm sticking to it.

Aly's Top 5 Reasons Wenatchee is THE BEST:

1. Wenatchee is the Largest City in Chelan County, but never mind how big it is, you still get that "small town" vibe!

2. Live and Local Radio - Yes, I am bias but to be honest, growing up back home (Brewster/Pateros) we only had maybe a handful of radio stations, whereas in Wenatchee, there's a variety of great stations to choose from!

3. The Schools - There's something to be said about the friendly battle of the bridges (East Wenatchee vs. Wenatchee). Both are equal in my eyes. So proud of the kids that come out of our school system! Way ta go!

4. The Town Toyota Center - Ok without mentioning every single event the Town Toyota Center Holds. It is home to the; Wenatchee Wild Organization, Wenatchee Big Horns Pro Basketball Team, and the Wenatchee Indoor Football Skyhawks.

5. The Outdoors - Ok, no I do not like hiking, but if you do, heck yes! Wenatchee is for you! So much to do outside from the river to the ridges. Floating to skiing. Plus, the beautiful backdrop of Wenatchee?! Couldn't be better!

There ya have it! Why Wenatchee WA is the best! Pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks as such either! Get out, explore and have fun!

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