There are many people we come across in life. Some are just in passing, some are for your lifetime, and some are people who you see just about every day because they're your neighbor. Mike Spurrell, was my neighbor. He was that person I walked past day in and day out saying, "Hello Friend!" Cause that's who he was/is, everyone's friend. Devoted father and someone who lived life to the fullest.

His passions in life included his children, and the great outdoors! From being a part of the Steven's Pass ski and snowboard crew to being a rafting guide (plus many other adventures!) He was always out embracing life and what the great PNW has to offer. Other passions included his love for music and his dear friends. Mike was a one-of-a-kind soul who will be greatly missed.

Join Mikes family in honoring his memory and life passions.

Saturday May 20th, 2023

LOGE in Leavenworth, WA


Live Music and Silent Auction

Benefitting The Children of Mike Spurrell

Mike Spurell Memorial Facebook Post Via Seth Garrido

Mike leaves behind his three beautiful children. His kids were able to play with my little girl on a few occasions. If children truly are the product of their environment, his was definitely doing something right! His kindness glows through those girls, and I know we as a community can celebrate together, his life and the future of his kids.

Photo Credit: Aly
Photo Credit: Aly

Tonight Bob and I joined a club no one wants to join. We learned our beloved son Mike Spurrell died while guiding a white water rafting trip on the Wenatchee River. To say we are crushed is beyond belief. You are NOT supposed to outlive your kids. Please hold us tight tonight. We are devastated beyond belief. We are awaiting the coroner's final report, but it seems the raft he was guiding capsized and Mike had a medical issue while in the water. Please hold us tight in your thoughts. We are having a tough time dealing with his loss. - Gail Spurrell (Mother) via Facebook




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